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The Dardanelles Campaign in World Media

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How do you suppose the Dardanelle front, one of the most important fronts in Turkish history, echoed in a world without radio, television or internet? The fight did not stay only in the land, sea and air; there were deep battles in the writings of the press and in the drawings and art of print media.
This book is the culmination of ten years of work to assemble more than eight hundred of the thousands of cartoons, propoganda posters, illustrations and postcards about the battle of the Dardanelles from the world press describing Turkey.
What do you say to examining the battle on the media front between the Allied and Central powers through the lens of the visual riches that were published by the press elements and newspapers of that time period? The weapons of this battle are pens sharper than swords, as well as photographs, cartoons, illustrations, propoganda posters and postcards more effective than the bullets in place of which they are used!
Halil Ersin Avcı, who has given long years to this valuble work, will bring a new direction into your home with Turkish and English explanations laid out in chronological order; The Battle for the Dardanelles in the Media 100 Years Ago.


Publisher: Timas Publishing
Author: Halil Ersin Avci
ISBN: 978-605-08-1881-9
Publication date: January 2015
Format: Hardcover
Size: 20 x 26
Page Count: 224
Age Group: Adult
Weight: 900

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Dimensions 26 × 20 cm

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