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Ramadan with Timas

Ramadan with Timas

Why is Ramadan important for children?

The holy month Ramadan, is the month of Quran, the month of hayr, but also the month of children. Children are the joy of the world, just so they should be the joy of Ramadan. Remember Ramadans of your childhood and how pleasant they were, this is because a child takes the most of Ramadan.

Being the purest people in the world, children can feel the cleansing and joyous atmosphere of this month even more than us. We better take this chance to benefit both them and ourselves, freshen altogether with the light of Ramadan!

Ramazan with Timas

How Should We Behave to Be Good Role Models?

Children learn through mimicing. They copy what they see and internalise the behaviour, especially during their early ages. Advices and words do not work well on them. So, instead of just telling them what our Prophet said about the barakah of sahur, we need to show them by actively participating with them in the sahur and enjoying it together. We should not force this on them, but rather show how fun it is to take part in this non-usual activity as a family, and let them be excited about Ramadan. Even with a very simple action, by asking what they would like to eat in Iftar, we can create a counsciousness in them about the speciality of Ramadan. Inviting his friends over for Iftar would be a great gesture as well!

And don’t forget to bring them to mosque please, the atmosphere that children’s voices bring to a mosque is a wonderous one, please do not deprive us of it.

How May We Assist You In This Adventure?

Reading books together is a great way to spend time with children. This enables you to refresh your religious knowledge, pass what you know to your children, show them your affection and how you care about their education, be role models to earn them the habit of reading. Alongside reading children’s books to them, you can encourage them to read on their own through Ramadan. As it is very recommended for us to complete the Quran during Ramadan, you can explain that you too have a reading target to meet and would like them to share this experience with you.

For this, we would like to offer some Ramadan Reading Lists which are selected by our team to educate your children appropriate to Ramadan and which add up to around 600 pages, like the page count of Holy Quran.

How to benefit from Ramadan? Here are 5 Ways

The last plates are put down on the table, the chairs screech as the last family member sits down and cold, sparkling water gets poured in each glass. A quick glance at the clock tells us that it’s nearly time. Time to break the fast together. Hands are raised to the sky and prayers are spoken before a heartfelt BISMILLAH leaves our dry lips and we start eating from the goods Allah gave us accompanied by the call to prayer.

Not long until muslim families throughout the world experience this scenario. Ramadan is around the corner and our hearts beat faster, we get excited just by the thought of it. By now, we suppose and observe with hope, it is clear to nearly everybody that the act of savm is not about starving ourselves just to indulge in heavy eating in the evening.

There’s so much more to fasting. Here are five ways we benefit from Ramadan:

1. Focus

We experienced firsthand what big of an impact Ramadan could have on the personal and professional lives of the people comitting to the orders of Allah. One great benefit is the opportunity to focus. Just timewise you have the unique opportunity to become more of a prolific worker. Take into consideration how many minutes are spent eating and drinking during the working hours. Not only do you take away that time investment, you also are less prone to distractions and work conditions – scientific studies have been made that prove that our brain is more capable to learn and take in information when we fast. So don’t sit around and do nothing just waiting for the adhan. Be prolific! You have what it takes to reach your goals in Ramadan – personally as well as professionally

2. Spirituality

While giving our best and achieving success in worldly matters, we shoudln’t forget what we’re doing this all for. After having proved ourselves in this world, it is still up to us, if we pass the spiritual test either. Ramadan is the ideal time for that. With temptations figuratively locked up, there are few things that could hinder us in getting closer to our Creator. He will come closer towards us with ten steps, for every single step we take to get closer to His grace. How could this be accomplish? By repenting and praying after sahoor, by reading his words and making dua after maghrib. Let our fast be our shields against evil.

3. Family

Another aspect of life gets much clearer during the holy month. Our family ties are given to us by God, so we have to treat these bonds as such. The daily iftaars are a perfect opportunity to invite relatives, living far and near, spending time with elders and one of the most, if not the most important part: Taking time to teach our children our values and religion. Experts agree that we learn best through stories! So bring out the Timas Children’s books! You can check out our special Raadan recommendations by clicking this link. Enjoy!

4. Habit

30 Days. 30 Long days of doing an act of importance daily. Successful and thriving personalities all throughout the world agree that building success-oriented habits is a major factor in being successful. And you are already implementing the precious habit of self-discipline by default. Why don’t we add other promising habits as well in our quest to completing the 30 days for God’s sake? These could include practicing mindfullness, waking up early, keeping in touch with loved ones by taking that extra step, giving 100 per cent at work by making that extra call – it could be anything really – as long as it is something, that contributes to you being a better person for you and the people you’re surrounded by.

5. Community

He who cares for his Ummah, cares for his deen. We should not forget our sisters and brothers during this holy month. Be it through get-togethers, through donations to charities or organizing a fun afternoon for the children in the neighbourhood – The ways of spreading joy and love are countless and all of them could be major factors in contributing to a strong and intimate society, that supports all of its members.

Family Dinner with Kids – still important?

family dinner with kids

The importance of having a family dinner with kids: In todays quick and fast-paced world, we don’t spend as much thought on some matters as we should. In this article we’ll take a look at the family dinner and what it really means in todays world.

Iftar – uniting through family dinner

Normally, it’s a daily part of daily life. Nothing special. At the evening, families have dinner, nothing out of the ordinary. Even more marvellous it is, that this gets a festive, spiritual character once Ramadan starts. Then, we get a glance on how it ought to be like, the important act of eating and drinking. With a ceremonial character, all members of our family help prepare the table. Before that, a quick stop at the bakery must be made, where the fresh smell of bread lets us anticipate the time of the evening meal with joy. During the day every member of the family took care of its own responsibilities. Students went to school, workers went to work and children met their important task of play! This inevitably leads to seperation. When we are together again at maghrib, it’s not just because. That would also be nice, especially considering that it’s the family we’re talking about. But the come-together serves another purpose as well.

Bismillah, before we start

Sitting at the table, the ceremony begins even before we actually begin to eat. Our prophet (pbuh) thought it to be very important to evince good etiquette:

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “When any of you wants to eat, he should mention the Name of Allah in the begining, (i.e., say Bismillah). If he forgets to do it in the beginning, he should say Bismillah awwalahu wa akhirahu (I begin with the Name of Allah at the beginning and at the end).”

We are used to say Bismillah whenever we begin with something and we should not be making an exception in the matters of eating and drinking! There’s another way of turning this into a habit and ceremony – maybe have a thought-out prayer especially for ramadan – just within your family? Certainly, that will tighten your bond. And one could use that to start to give responsibilities to the young ones, if one decides to let them come up with a prayer, or let them speak the prayer out loud for example.

Sum up the day

Once the main meal is finished, we may have a glass of tea or two. That’s an indispensable part of every day for many families. It is also the perfect opportunity to speak to each other, to talk about and try to come up with solutions for problems, to tell what we were proud of during the day and our plans and hopes for the next day.

All in all, we believe that sitting together on an evening can really bring a family together. And the iftars on ramadan are a perfect opportunity to install that into every day life.

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